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Sign Language Restaurant in Toronto

My step-mother sent me this video in an email last night.  Apparently, there is a brand new restaurant in Toronto, Canada in which the staff uses American Sign Language and the guests are encouraged to order using sign language.  The … Continue reading

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Marvel Creates a Hard-of-Hearing Superhero!

My best friend sent me this link in a Facebook message.   Essentially, Marvel Comics is creating a hard of hearing (they used “hearing disabled”) superhero called The Blue Ear. This is incredibly cool and so inspiring. I wish someone … Continue reading

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10 Things You Should Know About Dating Some Who is Hard of Hearing

1. Be Patient with Us We may need you to repeat yourself a few times before we fully understand what you’re trying to tell us.  We aren’t doing this to annoy you. We just really want to know what you’re saying. … Continue reading

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