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Sign Language Club

  I am probably dating myself right now, but I graduated from high school almost ten years ago (2005!).  I went to a very large high school with about 4,000 students, so it was nearly impossible not to find some … Continue reading

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Our Noisy World

The world is a noisy place.  Being hard of hearing, I miss a lot of the everyday noises that hearing people hear on a regular basis. Noises they probably don’t even think about.  I was fitted with new hearing aids … Continue reading

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Everyone has a morning routine.  You know, the little things they do before they leave for the day.  I think most people don’t really think about what they do to get ready.  Take a shower, brush your your hair, eat … Continue reading

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The Depressed Deaf

Originally posted on Breaking the Sound Barrier:
January 28 was Mental Health Day. Many people around the world suffer from various mental health disorders, like schizophrenia, anxiety or depression. I suffer from occasional periods of anxiety and depression, and the…

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I’m Still Here

I know I haven’t posted anything in awhile.  I have been very busy with work, wedding planning, going to a wedding, and general life stuff. I promise to post something soon.  I just wanted to let you all know that … Continue reading

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